Keynote Speakers


Metaphors in Use 2015

Thursday October 8 - Friday 9, 2015

Keynote speakers: Elisabeth Camp, Rutgers University | Bryan Van Norden, Vassar College | Lynne Tirrell, UMass, Boston 

The Lehigh University Philosophy Department announces our Third Annual Philosophy Conference.  We are pleased to host a rich program of local, national, and international scholars who will be examining the roles that metaphors play in philosophy. Scholars will join us from Pakistan, Scotland, Italy, Georgia, South Africa, Canada, and from universities and colleges across the United States.

Metaphors do heavy lifting in philosophical thinking. Many of us take it for granted that you can’t get something from nothing, time flows, good building projects require good foundations, music has movement, rafts can’t be built at sea, minds are like computers and cognition has architecture, etc. Cashing out metaphors can have interesting consequences for the positions they undergird, and important questions arise regarding how we are to understand arguments from metaphor.

Many of the papers to be presented explore aspects of arguments from metaphor and evaluate their success, consequences, and power. Some address metaphors in ancient philosophy, Chinese philosophy, and continental philosophy; others focus on theirs roles in scientific reasoning, language, and politics. Specific metaphorical subjects addressed include computers, property, flowers, minds, waiters, archery, time, and love.

Lehigh faculty, students, and the general public are most welcome to attend.


The conference series has been made possible through the generosity of an anonymous Lehigh University alumnus, to whom we are most grateful.