Lehigh University


“Receiving Asian Philosophy”

Lehigh University 6th Annual Philosophy Conference

Bethlehem PA 18015

Thursday, October 18 – Friday, October 19, 2018

The Lehigh University Philosophy Department welcomes abstracts of papers from faculty graduate students and independent scholars concerning any aspect of the reception of Asian Philosophy: logical, metaphysical, aesthetical, ethical, and existential. We mean to include both focused discussions of philosophical texts, authors, and schools from within Asian philosophical traditions as well as comparative discussions of the reception of Asian Philosophy within other traditions. 
As philosophers come to see that philosophical traditions are characterized more by the ways in which they are open to transformation than by the ways in which they are constrained by fixed conceptions of what counts as philosophy, philosophical parochialism becomes less defensible and more offensive. We therefore look forward to enjoying the many ways philosophers today have been Receiving Asian Philosophy.


Keynote Speaker:

Kwong-loi Shun

Professor of Philosophy, University of California, Berkeley
Sponsored by the LU Ethics Center

Submission Deadline

July 17, 2018

Electronic submissions of abstracts (350 words) should be in Word or PDF format. Reading time for presented papers is 30 minutes; there will be 10 minutes for discussion. Please include a cover sheet with your name, paper title, institutional affiliation, and contact information. Abstracts should be submitted via: https://goo.gl/3AsXtD